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The producers of Drawn from Water the Movie are proud to announce partnership with Global Team for Local Initiatives (GTLI) which is dedicated to helping indigenous people lead healthy lives. GTLI works closely with tribal elders to help communities implement sustainable development projects for long-term survival as well as income generating activities for immediate relief. Through projects in water, health, education, and income generation, they are helping ancient tribes, affected by drought and disease, adapt to their changing world while maintaining their traditional cultural values.

Among the many tribes in So Ethiopia, GTLI is working with the 23,000 member Hamar tribe, one of the world’s oldest cultures and one of the most endangered.

Film proceeds to benefit GTLI Child Sponsorship Program. Tribal custom forces the Hamar to abandon and kill “mingi” children, who are believed to bring bad luck to the community. GTLI intervenes, cares for these children, and works to eradicate this Harmful Traditional Practice.