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Lale Labuko becomes an emerging National Geo Explorer.

“As a result of his impassioned advocacy efforts with the tribal elders, Labuko’s greatest accomplishment came in July 2012 when his own tribe, the Kara, officially banned mingi. “We completely changed the culture and attitudes.” Yet for him, the victory won’t be complete until mingi is abolished from all tribes. “Some 130,000 people secretly continue to practice mingi,” Labuko says. “They know it is controversial, so they hide it.” He has initiated meetings with a Hamar king in an effort to begin the complex task of persuasion in that tribe as well.”

Now attending college in the United States, he believes education will empower the next generation, especially mingi children. “I want Ethiopia to pass laws ensuring these children will be treated equally, and given priority if they want to go to college. I’m working to build this into our society culturally and legally, so whatever happens to me, they’ll be protected for the future and never discriminated against.”