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Ethiopia’s world heritage is under threat by an economic gamble – according to various NGO’s and campaigns, the Gibe III Dam now threatens the food security and local economies that support more than half a million people in southern Ethiopia.

In 2006, Ethiopia began construction on its largest infrastructure project to date, the Gibe III Dam. The Omo River is a lifeline for 500,000 indigenous people living in eastern Africa. If completed, Ethiopia’s Gibe III Dam will regulate and reduce the Omo River’s flow, increasing hunger and fueling conflict throughout the basin. The dam will bring major hydrological changes to a very fragile ecosystem, to which local people have adapted over millennia.

Gibe 3 Hydropower Dam is the largest investment project ever implemented in Ethiopia. Once completed,at 240 meters high and with a capacity of 1,870 MW, the dam will block the south western part of the Omo River, creating a 150 km long basin which will jeopardize the river’s fragile ecosystem forever and dramatically affect the life of about 500.000 people living in southwest Ethiopia and northern Kenya. Sign a Petition to Stop Gibe III.