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Tribal custom forces the Hamar to abandon and kill “mingi” children, who are believed to bring bad luck to the community. GTLI intervenes, cares for these children, and works to eradicate this Harmful Traditional Practice. $50/month will care and support a Mingi child and aid GTLI work to eradicate this Harmful Traditional Practice.

GTLI Child Sponsorship Program has three objectives:
1) Intervene, care, support and reunify mingi children with birth families;
2) Facilitate eradication of Mingi Harmful Traditional Practice (HTP); and
3) Build capacity of local government to assume management of project with technical backstopping provided by UNICEF.

Among the many tribes in So Ethiopia, GTLI works specifically with the Hamar. According to government estimates, approximately 40 children are abandoned to die each year in Hamar woreda (locals estimate 100+). These children are labeled “mingi,” which means unwanted, not needed, the cause of misfortune, unlucky and associated with bad occurrences. In accordance with Hamar social values and norms, parents are forced to abandon or kill their “mingi” child as a prerequisite to stay in the community.